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EEK, speaking of college, I got a quandry

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Last Wednesday, during my morning Japanese class, we had sorted ourselves out into groups for conversational practice. This is well, a mandatory part of the class, so we get practice conversing in the language.

Anyhow, when the group I'm in was sorting stuff out, we all agreed upon a place and a time, however, the class was getting underway with other things, and they figured "eh, we don't need to give out contact info, we can do that latter".

So, Thursday, I showed up at the agreed upon place, OK, about 2 or 3 minutes late due to there being an event, needing to park in the visitor parking structure (which was very close to the meeting place), and no one there. Walked around, asked some people who were in the area. Several people said they were there for awhile, and they had seen no group of people show up there. (There was 4 people in our group.) Was concerned that perhaps they wrote me down as a no-show or something, deciding to leave about 1 minute after it started or something, so emailed the teacher. According to the people in the vacinity, it would seem no...

So, Friday, I ended up needing to go into the doctors, but left there, and showed up at the agreed upon meeting place, 20 minutes before the agreed upon time, and stuck around some time after we were supposed to meet. Again same deal...

Wouldn't be so bad, if our grade didn't in part depend upon us meeting as such. And without people having given one another contact info, there doesn't seem a possibility to try to straighten this little quandry out. :eek:

Oh, and today it was announced another teacher would be taking over our class, officially on Wednesday. The new teacher was shown the email, but has just come in, in the midst of this so of course is at a disadvantage at trying to help sort the peer collaboration part of the class out here.

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