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Eek, CPU fan issues it seems

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
OK, this isn't good. Admittedly my computer can use an upgrade, and that said some components are older then others. The fan/sink (OCZ Gladiator) I had gotten with a Tbird 1 GHz (but still worked fine on an AXP 1900+, keeping it down to 44 C, with ambient case temp of 28 C here...

All has been well, until tonight. It (or some other fan, though I suspect it, as the CPU is what heated up the most) started making weird noises (such as when a fan is having trouble spinning/slows down for a moment/is trying to fight it...

Windows XP crashed, and upon resetting it, went into BIOS. Checked the temps, and the case was up to 31 C with the CPU up to 61 C and still climbing (up to 62.5 C). It then began to fall again, and rapidly approached 50 C and still dropping, when I left the BIOS monitoring and rebooted to Windows.

I'm reluctant to do something that requires a reboot due to this problem below


It took me a long time to get it back up and running.

That said, a replacement fan/sink might become an issue, though if it does not sure what would be good for a socket A right now. The fan/sink I got has of course been discontinued, and the over-clockerz store is no more as far as I remember... Many peeps have also upgraded (hence more demand for newer coolers) as I would too if I wasn't strapped for cash (except for some which came in) as of late...


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You can buy fans for most, and or a adapter to put a bigger fan, that turns slower on it with the same cooling effect.

I am getting ready to do the adapter and bigger-slower-quieter fan on my system.


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its all about 120 mm fans. god i love them. The loudest thing in my computer now is the raptors spinning up. hehe

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
hehe, that would probably apply to my Cheetahs also :) Perhaps I should take a look, as the CPU does need cooling, and I can't quite afford to do the replacements I need to.

Just hope it boots right up after, without it giving me the issues it did earlier :down:

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
If I download the software, I have been able to do so previously. When I checked in the past, it ran about 42 C, and peeked at 44 C under load. That said, the fan is acting up it seems, and has not been running optimally. That 62.5 C with a the OCZ Gladiator (or was it a Gladiator II) copper heatsink (attached via arctic silver) is just nuts...

I might have better for load (though I could try winRAR also). Einstein@home is a real heat generator compared to the other distributed computing projects I run/pretty much 24/7.


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