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Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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well I sopose edonkey is a legit P2P software (if not feel free to delete this post).
anyway If someone will help me a litle with edonkey I'l realy apritiate it (where to get, how to use).

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
thanx sboulema

there is some thing realy wierd about this program.
well i got what do I do with it (Exept stearing like a moron)
same problem... :D:D
Its always saying connnecting to server..... and then I start with the stearing :eek: and nuttin happens. Help file on the site doesnt help you that much.

Hope someone can help us :)


the main screeen doesnt matter. go to options when u open edonkey. there check everything to the right, the always stay connected & reconect on loss etc.
then on the left set your speeds, u should know there's a 1to4 ratio, so if u set 5kb/sec speed u can dl only at 20kb/sec 6kb/sec upload will give u 24kb/sec download and so on. but if u set upload to 10kb/sec u can set download speed to 0kb/sec(it means machine default u can download all u can get)
then look below that and specify where it should put your files , then even below that check connections, i set mine to 350-400 connections. that's usually enough. click ok then go to some server lists that people have gave u here already or find some at edonkey2000.com sharereactor.com or somewhere else. then find files u want to dl and wait a little till download get started. sometimes it will take some time to dowload 1 file the others it will be pretty fast. good luck

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