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Gotcha mav..i'm at work but i'm sittin here till they get all the data servers up and running...we're installing SGI servers normally used to hold large graphic sets for rendering...so that we can store 2.4 terabytes of order entry information...lol

I figured those icons shouldn't be up, have you tried the mmx mercury theme yet? it's pretty sweet

mav..he made another post so I edited it with your original comments

Electronic Punk

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Qumahlin, dunno if you saw my PM but if you could get on messenger or IRC I could runyou thru what you need to know... ?
ok, the other thread he had started was http://www.xp-erience.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=8363

Sorry punk. I PM'ed you back..sadly my abilities while at work consist of network browsing and mail....if ya didn't get my PM lemme know..it basically said we'll have to set up a time to do it since at work I can only talk to people on the internal net, no irc, aim, msn...even though i'mone of the Admins!! I could change it but then i'd take hell heheh

Electronic Punk

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I got teh message just didn't give me apopup its cool..

whats the big deal with these icons anyway?

I need to customise again now I have my system back up properly...


thanks for the heads up!

I am at home now, so between video chatting with my gf in Tokyo and backing up my HDDs on CDR I will keep my eyes on those threads tonight. :)


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