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ECS board with intel and AMD on same board

Why bother? It's cheaper to just buy the AMD in the first place. And you'll have to pay for the adapter card. And the memory performance across a card slot connector will suffer.

Looks like a gimick to make an AMD perform as slow as an Intel...

Two GPU's on one card and plug in processor cards are older than many people who visit the forum...

Been there, paid too much for the soveniers, won't fall for it again. Sheesh.


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I would never want something like that and I think it's worthless but I mean who would ever think that competing platforms would be on the same board. I would never imagine to see an nvidia and ati card in sli format. but I mean it's a pretty neat format to have both platforms and you can just switch between the two whenever you felt like it.

It's something to discuss and very interesting to say the least

IBM, APPLE, etc. Ever hear of the Power PC? They made systems that would run MAC OS or Windows in an emulator mode (ran it poorly). Performance of compromise systems sucks.There were also other computers in the 90's that ran MAC on MB and Intel in a plug in card.

There are no new ideas. Only marketing rehash of failed ideas from the past. Or, let me quote Gertie Bergman, my 10th grade history teacher.

"Those who fail to study the past are condemned to repeat it."


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well if it was a failed idea how come this one got benchmarks though there is a major difference between the 2 sets but still for some it would work but I don't think gamers will go for it but others will. Otherwise why else would they do it?


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Slightly off-topic...
My friend upgraded his old Dull PC to 1.3GHz~ sometime ago via a daughter card like the one shown in that article. :p


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Dan04 said:
because they have nothing else better to do!
Actually they do but felt this was worth doing as well. Its not for everybody but hey if it works it works and they will sell given the hype I've seen getting. It does for non gamers offer them a means of using one then upgrading without having to get a new mainboard
Ahh, suckers. The marketing people love you. They will praise you while they drive their Jag's wearing their Armani suits and Rolex's.

Engineering told them it was a stupid idea and that it would be cheaper and better performance to just buy the MB for the prefered CPU! But the marketing people knew PT Barnum was right. "There is a sucker born every minute."

So they told engineering to make something with no added value. Then they stuck a higher price tag on it to make it even more appealing.

PS What makes you think the dual MB will allow an upgrade path? Every 12-16 months AMD and Intel are changing their socket type. Want to know why? So they can sell more chipsets to support the new sockets. When your hot shot dual MB reaches maturity (that means gets too slow) you will have to buy a new MB and chipset anyway.

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