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Echoing sound

After no changes to my sound, about 2 days ago all my sounds in windows, winamp included, started echoing. They stop echoing when I run Warcraft 3 though. What do you think is wrong? I don't have any DSP plugins for winamp, and since it's in windows too, I don't think it could be even that.


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I think he has a SB Live! haha mine does this every once and awhile for some wierd reason...... just go into the lil control pannel for your card and turn it off.
What do I turn off? Do I disable the card? Now that I remember, I got newer drivers about a week or two ago, and now this is happening.


Nissan Powered
click start then programs then goto creative then goto audioHQ the option for that is in there somewhere just look around.


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I would rollback the drivers to your previous ones, unless there is some new benefit that outweighs the echoing sound. Geez, I bet that gets annoying.
Well, it's kinda cool, its like reverb on everything. And to Krux: I didn't install the programs, I did a drivers only installation, so your method wouldn't work.

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