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Ecc to Non Ecc in file server

i have gathered about 1.5 gb ddr 333 in kingston ecc at a cas of 2.0, right now i have non ecc kingston ddr 400 1gb in the file server, will i gane anything from moving it to ecc? i know for general use ECC is slow but over network and all that stuff i dont know. can someone help me on this one? or at least point me where to find the info


The Analog Kid
ECC ram is used for "mission critical" apps. If your server is mission critical, then ECC may help resolve errors, if not then plain old ram should be just fine.


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Xie said:
Are you sure your mobo can use ECC RAM? If not it will cause more problems instead of helping anything. :)
Xie beat me to it... Usually only high end motherboards like Tyan use ECC ram (actually, the higher end Tyans require it) so check your motherboard manual. For the record, ECC's not really worth it unless you're using it for something like medical photo scans unless you can get it for really cheap; it just helps sort out errors that may crop up when putting stuff in and out of ram. And, it's hardly slower. I used to build servers and the performance between those running ECC and those running non-ECC wasn't even noticeable, not even over the network. It's more of a precaution thing than anything else.

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