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31 Jan 2004
I am thinking of purchasing components off of the interent and I have never bought computer parts from the internet.

I was wondering if Ebuyer.co.uk is a reliable source?
Never tried them. I've tried two. www.overclockers.co.uk .I ordered an athlon 2800xp barton from them last year for £120 (£50 cheaper than my local shop). I ordered it on a friday at 16.30ish and It came through at 08.00 on the saturday in the post. I ordered a 120gig hard drive off www.scan.co.uk and found them to be pretty reliable 2. Bit more expencive though.
yeah I have bought quite a few pieces of hardware and a laptop off ebuyer, very happy with them
got my gpu from overclockers... but ebuyer is also good as they are from sheffield.
I buy my stuff from insight as I get premium tech support and a big fat discount.
cheaper than ebuyer that is, not lower than £7 hehe
HHhhhmmmmm they email you weekly or something - I got quite cheesed off (in a good way, for you) to see my Seagate Barracuda 80 GB qoing for about £45 (although I had to pay about £60 last November).... so what I'd say id they are responsive and when things are good and sell well - they give best price plus good service....

You see the "kicker is" as they say stateside, I bought that HD from them in the first place at £15 more!

So go for it (when you're ready- always a top tip not to let hardware be shelf ware, like I did, coulda saved meself £15!)
Ebuyer is quite good actually. There are quite a number of items that I found cheaper in Ebuyer than any other websites like Dabs.com or overclockers.
I'm not saying that they're the best and I don't have any preference on any of the online-stores. I shop around and see which sells a particular item I want the cheapest before I make the purchase.
We've had a load of stuff from Ebuyer,it's the first place I look :D
Thank you all for your input. I will check out the other websites too.
Check out Komplett.co.uk - very good site - i have bought lots from them and they are quite cheap too. Scan tend to be cheap but charge way too much for delivery.

STAY AWAY FROM DABS.COM though, that's all i'll say. Grrrr!!!
Yes it is ........... do you want my Hauppauge Win Tv Card ??
See Computers/ Components section !
As others have said, first port of call is ebuyer, bought alot of items from them over the last couple of years and each time I have been very satisfied with them.
Aye, ebuyer are very good. I bought my graphics card from there. I had problems with it causing my system to hang etc. I sent it back on Friday (special delivery) and got a replacement first thing on Monday morning! I would say that is definitely good after-sales service.
eBuyer, first port of call when shopping online :D
Can't say that I've found Komplett cheaper on most things, and I've never had a problem with eBuyer.

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