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Does anyone regularly use this auction site? what do you think of it? whats the biggest feedback rating that anyone has on these boards? :)

Nick M

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I think there is cool stuff on ebay that you can find, but a lot of people get ripped off, and yet, a lot of people buy stuff without any problems..


You gotta hunt around and look for stuff because a lot of people will charge high prices because people will pay those prices.


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please get ripped off from people living in indonesia, they always use fake credit card details and thats how people get ripped off :(


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I think u gotta be crazy to buy from Ebay...what with all the scams going round at the moment.

The only reason i would go the would be to buy something obscure that you're unlikely to find in a shop.

There is nothing stopping people not sending what you have paid for....but they will be happy to take your ££££/$$$$!!


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I have yet to have a bad experience buying anything on eBay, and I've bought dozens of items, including the hardware for several computers and loads of musical instruments and studio gear. You've got to do your research and check seller ratings carefully. If a seller has a couple thousand positive ratings and only a very few negatives (usually in the single digits) that's a pretty darn good risk, in my opinion.

Only time I got burned on eBay was when a high bidder didn't follow through on something I was selling.


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Originally posted by freightgod

Only time I got burned on eBay was when a high bidder didn't follow through on something I was selling.
The just didn't want to pay $1,000,000 to name that left boob, eh? :p


Bought and sold some stuff on there, but I try to use either a CC or paypal for the added level of protection.


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8$ for a p800??

i saw weird auctions and i wanted to know if those were scams which the y probably were! like for 8 $ u get info on how to get free electronics legaly is that true? here is the link to one of those! link


I'm sorry Hal...
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I don't use it much but i have never had a problem with them, i usualy only buy from high ranked people. But sometimes i don't.
I think i have a rank of 9 or 10, but some havn't ranked

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