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EasyBCD 1.1 Released

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NeoSmart Technologies has just released the successor to VistaBootPRO 1.0: a program by the name of EasyBCD.

EasyBCD is a utility used to add, remove, change, and configue entries in the normally difficult to tweak Windows Vista bootloader, and allows end users to perform a range of actions that include adding Vista and Legacy based entries to the bootloader, backing up and restoring bootloader settings, disabling x64 Edition driver checks, limiting the amount of physical memory and/or processors available to Windows Vista, recovering a fried Master Boot Record, and regaining lost operating systems from Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

EasyBCD introduces a new and easier-to-use interface, many bugfixes, and tens of new features. EasyBCD 1.1 is 100% compatible with all recent builds of Windows Vista.

Source: NeoSmart Technologies
Download: EasyBCD 1.1
View: EasyBCD Screenshot Gallery


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EasyBCD 1.1 Beta

Within 24 hours of being unconstitutionally "removed" from the VistaBootPRO project, NeoSmart Technologies is back on the scene with our newest program, written from scratch without so much as a peek at the old code: EasyBCD 1.0 Beta.
This VistaBootPRO replacement is much more than a new name under better management, EasyBCD takes visual editing of Vista's powerful new bootloader to whole new level.
Download EasyBCD 1.1 Beta
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EasyBCD Screenshot Gallery

1.0 to 1.1: Bug

[EBCD-1] - Adding OS Fails​

[EBCD-2] - Resize Icon Exists but Doesn't Work​


[EBCD-3] - Change the Drive Help Icon to a Question Mark VistaBootPRO Changelog: Bugs

[VBP-1] - Empty drive letter is committed upon rename.​

[VBP-2] - Advanced radio button not always correct​

[VBP-3] - Typo in restart warning dialog​

[VBP-12] - Save Reordered Entries in Bootloader​

[VBP-18] - Reset Count on Restore​

[VBP-32] - Desktop Icon always installs​

[VBP-33] - Support for Windows Vista 5456​


[VBP-5] - Reorganize Layout​

[VBP-7] - Boot Loader Removal​

[VBP-10] - Add Vista OS​

[VBP-11] - Ship with BCD Tools from Beta 2​

[VBP-21] - Ask for Confirmation on Delete of Bootloader Entry​

[VBP-27] - Cleanup Left-over Data on Delete​

[VBP-28] - Remove Tabs​

[VBP-30] - Use Mononospaced Fonts for Advanced Display​

[VBP-31] - Associate with .BCD Extension​

New Features

[VBP-4] - Install Vista Bootloader​

[VBP-16] - Add Memory Limiting​

[VBP-17] - x64 Driver Checks​

[VBP-19] - Add Wizard that decides what version of the bootloader should be used.​

[VBP-22] - Enable/Disable PAE​

[VBP-23] - No Execute Settings​

[VBP-24] - Debug Boot-Loading​

[VBP-25] - Kernel-Debug Mode​

[VBP-26] - Limit Vista/LH to a number of CPUs​


[VBP-20] - Unify spelling of "bootloader"​

[VBP-29] - Optimize Executable for Largest Range of PCs​

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