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Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
If I were a new member here you would all think this is spam, but it's such a good service, such a good site and will save most people tons of money, I have to give it a 4 star review

iPhone, iPod, HTC, Nexus, Android and Tablet Replacement Parts and Repair Guides and Videos

they have just about every part you can break on your smart phone, (even my latest mega) AND THEY GIVE FREE TUTORIALS how to repair

the tutorials are simple, well done and very easy to follow

if you run into a snag while doing your repair their chat line is incredible, they stayed with me the entire time to make sure I got past the snag

you can replace your broken screen, your usb port, your earphone jack, camera, speaker, anything and everything

I damaged the usb port on my mega, saw a tube telling me how to remove the port, went to the site he posted for inexpensive parts and bing, fixed my mega port, the phone would have cost me 150 even with my insurance, without insurance about 600 bux.

Instead the entire usb circuit board with shipping cost 30 bux, instal took about 1/2 hour and thanks to the excellent instruction video repair was an enjoyable project

if you broke any part of your phone and don't want to buy a new one, see if they have a lesson, if they do you are good to go', I would take out the broken part before I ordered a new one just to be sure you can make the repair

smartphone repair lessons here
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2 Dec 2001
I ordered some parts for my old Sensation and got pretty freaked out when one of the steps was to use a hair drier to soften the glue that was holding the digitizer on.

Best advise I can give is to get a good case and never drop it :D

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