Easy prgm: capture stills from Video


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Hello everyone,

I have a client which wants a video from me, not a problem, I have it in .avi format and I can change it to anything with premier. Now this client wants the video and than wants to capture still pictures from the video, .jpgs, is there a program out there that can easily do this? My client is a newbie at computers, he knows how to do basic stuff but advance stuff is diffcult.




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Hmm.. Just thought of something, using quicktime with the export function. seems easy enough, but just in case, any other software?

when i have a video playing in WMP.. i just press the print screen key on my keyboard and then just paste in paint and save

For this to work. You need to go into Display properties > settings > then click on advanced > then go to the troubleshoot tab and turn the Hardware Acceleration to None.

Once you have done this, then you can easily press print screen to any movies/video clips and paste in paint/whatever and save the image. The advantage of this, is that you dont need extra software :p.

I dont know exactly why it does this but when you have the hardware acceleration on full, when you press print screen, it comes up as a black screen where the movie/video clip is

Thats my method on how i get .jpeg's of a video :D

Enjoy! :D

Alex :cool:


It's called hardware overlay, and as far as I know, the hardware (in this case being the graphics-card) does the video processing instead of the CPU. The CPU will still decode it though. You'd be surprised how much you learn if you; care + don't use standard MS-****.
ive tried pasting with other programs such as psp7 and photoshop and i still have to select none for the hardware acceration.

It doesnt make any difference what image tool you use, so long as you can paste the image and save it once you've changed the hardware acceration to none

I mentioned MS-Paint because its free with Windows where as the other image tools eg. psp and photoshop you have to pay for or get in packages etc.

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