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I went to make a slide presentation today using Photo Relay that comes with Easy CD. When I clicked the shortcut I found that the program was not installed & it asked for the cd. OK no big problem, it was the first time I used photo relay. All went well & it came time to shut down. Guess what? It rebooted instead. I had to apply the upgrade again & now all is well. The cd must have changed something so be prepared if it happens to you. :D

When I initially installed easy cd the only thing I thought I left of was 'take two.


That's an interesting observation. What update are you using. Blowed if I can remember the number but I installed the latest update (for Platinum 5.1) and I now find that one brand of CDs will no longer read quickly. Takes about 3 minutes to read a BASF CD.


did you get the updates for photo & video relay from Roxio?.. they are seperate downloads.


No I never, mainly because I don't own a video camera. My observation was mainly about the sudden change in CD recognition.


Just installed the sp4 update, and its great! :D

Previously my cd recoder would not set the record speed to anything about x4 when using DirectCD. Now its set at x24 (which is correct for my drive).

Its the best update released for EcDc by far IMO. :D

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