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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by S1RE, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. S1RE

    S1RE Guest

    I'm just wondering wether I should make the switch to 6, I'm currently using 5 and have heard both good and bad about 6.

    Any of you mind sharing your opionions thank you...
  2. DragonHeart

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    Ive been using 5.5 for a while which i found to be great, but i switched to 6 a few days ago when i brought my dvd re-writtable drive, and im very happy with version 6, the interface is excellent epecially the DVD builder, i would say if u havent got a dvd writter i would stick with 5.5 as not alot has changed just the visuals and a few extra dvd features but i if u have a dvd writter then i would recommend a change to 6 without question :)
  3. kreation

    kreation OSNN Junior Addict

    Yep, i say the same.
  4. dick471

    dick471 OSNN Junior Addict

    ECDC 5 vs 6

    Roxio's 6 is fine but loads a full 760MB's, while ECDC 5 is only 118MB's. Without a DVD burner your just wasting drive space. Nero has almost everything 6 has with their add ons. Don't get me wrong Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator 6 is great, but is it necessary?
  5. zyfos

    zyfos Resurrected

    If you only have a cd burner (no dvd burner), you might want to check out Nero Express, the newer interface for Nero.
  6. RogerPhillis

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    To comment on a few things mentioned by others.
    Easy Cd Creator 5 has been issued to version 5.3 only.

    As a result of formatting discs using this software you actually lose 129Mb on a 700 Mb disc, otherwise the loss using other methods of tfr is much less extreme.
    As discussed ,without a DVD RW , which the cheapest seems to be probably NEC 1100 SRP ,you do not need version 6.
  7. lechtard

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    EZCD 6 is o.k .. if you have xp it is a good idea to upgrade to it .. I however like nero better .. I can't wait till Nero 6 comes out ..

    also EZCD is not 768 meg install .. it 200 meg tops, that includes the program folder, reg entries.. they get the 768 from if you include the image file ..
  8. muzikool

    muzikool Act your wage. Political User

    I've read a couple of reviews on v6.0, and none of them suggested an upgrade unless you've got a DVD writer.
  9. NetRyder

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    New York City
  10. ruiner_066

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    all i have to say is....ROXIO SUUUUUUCKS
  11. lechtard

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    Anyone who is a power user knows that .. but people who are just starting out with the burning process don't know that ;)
  12. S1RE

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    RogerPhillis: Just wondering what you mean by losing 129mb on a 700mb disc formatting.

    I think your saying formatting a cd-rw with easy cd creator in general you lose 129mb on the disc?

    Lechtard: I disagree with you and everyone else you thinks alike. Even though Easy CD Creator 5 doesn't do all that Nero can do I find it very annoying to install addons for any program especially when they go in excess of 2 addons.

    I myself find Easy CD Creator 5 to work fine for what I do, it just depends on what your doing.

    All: Thank you very much for responding and letting your opinion be heard.
  13. ZipTriX

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    I use 6 and have no DVD writer right now. It works fine. I prefer it over version 5. Only reason you would need a DVD writer is for the DVD portion of the program. You can choose not to install that section.
  14. S1RE

    S1RE Guest

    Thankyou for sharing that with me Ziptrix. All because of your reply im going to give it a try, your post is the first response that I've heard that was all round good.