Easy CD Creator 5 Writes at only 1x--help!!


Black Dog

This is the first thing I would do, make sure you have your burner on the secondary data cable as the slave and your DVD or CD Rom as the master on the secondary cable. If all possible don't have any other rom type drive on the primary cable. I only use a second hard drive on the primary as a slave drive. Putting a burner CDR-RW on the primary will cause your burner to read at the X1 speed. In many cases your hard drive will be faster or slower in terms of transfering the data then the burner itself. A lot of manuals will tell you to put your burner on slave setting on the primary cable, "This is wrong to do"
1) Make sure CDR-RW is set to slave (Jumper)
2) Make sure CDR-RW is on secondary Data Cable second data plug.
3) CD-Rom or DVD is set as primary (Jumpers)
4) CD-ROM is at end of data cable on the secondary cable in the primary setting (master setting on secondary cable.
5) Make sure to upgrade the patch and reboot always. Should always reboot after files have been down loaded etc. Sometimes I will turn machine off for 30 seconds before rebooting after loading a new program or files, patches, upgrades etc... May seem to be a bit much but I don't run into as many problems.

One more thing! When down loading files, if you have a standard phone internet service many errors can happen due to interuptions in the lines. Sometimes it's best to down load these patches when the lines are not so jammed up.

Note: Like you said some of these CD-RW programs do not work with older systems, if the MOBO is slow the 1X read or burn speed will always be a problem. Most problems like this is due to having a burner on the primary cable with the hardrive. Many will say it works on their system, but when you put the CDR on the secondary cable you will see a big change in the hard drive in it's read and transfer speeds, less errors and freezes. If this doesn't work let me know and I will know the other problem it will be.

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