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I am wondering if there is a software patch out there. I went to the ROXIO site but they didnt have one. please help me
I hate to be the bringer of bad news , but Roxio want you to buy EZY CD 5

as there is no patch to upgrade from 4.0 to 5 , good arent they

Grab Nero and youll be fine for the future
There is a compatibilty update at Windows Update that supposedly will make EZCD 4 run on XP ( some other apps as well - NAV 2001 for example).
Nah apparently you are right
I justread front page news and apparently this patch alloweds 4.02 to work including other old programs.
might want to give it a shot.
If it works lemme know cause i sure wouldnt mind going back to 4 from the evil 5.
easy CD Creator

No patches pal. I have the same problem.
There is a 90 days free trial on Easy CD Creator 5.1 which I tried and liked. You can downlaod it from http//www.roxio.com.
Try it.

Marco Tulio
I'm tellin' ya!!

Marco...got to Windows Update and install the update...

this is from Windows Update:

Windows XP Application Compatibility Update

Windows XP is designed to support additional applications after it has been installed. The Windows XP Application Compatibility Update is a package of software updates that solves common application issues by helping Windows XP to support these applications. Microsoft recommends downloading this compatibility update if you are having problems with one of the applications this update is designed to support.

System Requirements

This update applies to:
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Professional

How to use

You don't need to do anything after installing this item.

How to uninstall

Click Start and then click Control Panel.
Click Add or Remove Programs.
Click Windows XP Application Compatibility Update and then click Change/Remove.

This update addresses the following applications:
Post-It Notes 2.1 (3M Software Media)
Pagemaker 6.5 Plus (Adobe Systems, Inc.)
American Deerhunting 2000 (Interplay Productions)
Bicycle Totally Cool Card Pack (Expert Software, Inc.)
Draw 10 (Corel Corporation)
Draw 9 (Corel Corporation)
Deer Avenger 3D (Simon & Schuster Interactive)
Drakan: Order of the Flame (Psygnosis)
Dreamweaver 4.0 (Macromedia)
DreamWeaver UltraDev 4 (Macromedia)
Easy CD Creater 4.02 (Roxio)
Gangsters Platinum Edition (Eidos Interactive)
Hades Challenge (Disney)
Laplink PCsync 2.0 (LapLink, Inc.)
Laplink Professional 2.0a (LapLink, Inc.)
Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Deluxe
Approach Millennium 9.1 (Lotus Development Corp.)
Approach Millennium 9.5 (Lotus Development Corp.)
Approach Millennium 9.6 (Lotus Development Corp.)
Organizer 5.01 (Lotus Development Corp.)
Organizer 5.02 (Lotus Development Corp.)
Organizer 6.0 (Lotus Development Corp.)
MasterCook Suite 6.0 (Sierra On-Line, Inc.)
VirusScan 4.5 (McAfee Associates, Inc.)
VirusScan 4.5 (McAfee Associates, Inc.)
VirusScan 5.16 (McAfee Associates, Inc.)
VirusScan 5.21 (McAfee Associates, Inc.)
Design Draw 7.0 (Micrografx)
Money 2000 (Microsoft)
Nero 5.5 (Ahead Software)
Norton Antivirus 2001 (Symantec)
Pro Pinball Classics (Interplay Productions)
Radio Disney Music Mix Studio (Disney)
Rational Suite Enterprise (Rational)
RCenter (Creative Labs)
RealPlayer 7.0 (Real Networks)
SmartSuite Release 9.6 (Lotus Development Corp.)
Taikou Rissiden 2 (KOEI Co. Ltd.)
The Master Genealogist 4.0 D (Wholly Genes)
Visual Café 3.0 (Symantec Corporation)
Walt Disney Biography (Disney)
Winning Post 3 with PowerUP Kit (KOEI)
Works Suite 2001 (Microsoft)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney Studios)

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roxio 5.0 w/ the xp patch is much better than 4.x...
no buffer underruns so far. go download the 90 day free trial
This is my situation

Happy Christmas to everyone!(i'm not gay) lol

I'm posting for my friends computer, who hasn't got a internet connection and it is impossible to bring it here, so i need a downloadable patch that doesn't require the windows update program as it scan my computer and finds i have windows 98.

The 90 day trial ....sounds promising and could you give me the link please as i am having no luck finding it.

Thanks everyon that has replied to this tread!

Oh Happy New Year

>>>>>>>BRING ON THE EURO<<<<<<<<<<
Link for Adaptec 5.1 (crap compared to 4) :)

The link is www.roxio.com.
Search in there you'll find it like I did. :cool:

Good luck all!
Happy New Year!


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