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Easter Time



Hard to say where this goes, it's fun to do so Green Room came up tails so here we go.

Yes it's Easter in my time zone tomorrow, though, there is another form of Easter Eggs people enjoy, the ones hidden in programs.

List your known ones below:

I will start you off.

Microsoft Word:

Sex in Spell Check - Type in "zzzz" without the quotes and press space to get the red wavy line to indicate spelt incorrectly then run spell check and see what it suggest as a option.

An Oldie An old but well-known (relatively speaking) Easter Egg, in Word 2.0, makes a marketing statement of sorts. Click on Tools/Macro, type in the macro name "Spiff" and click on the Edit button. When the macro editing window opens up, select the window contents and delete them. Then click on File/Close. When you're asked to save changes, respond with Yes. Click on Help/About, then click on the Word icon in the dialogue box. You'll see a little animation showing a series of figures, helped by the Word icon, defeating a huge green monster identified as "W.P."

The Apple Egg

Almost all operating systems have Easter eggs; here's a classic for Mac users:
1. In the finder, hold down control option and command
2. Click on the apple menu
3. One of the choices will be "about the MacOS Team"
4. Scroll to it and release cursor

This procedure works for the Mac OS Version 8.5, Version 9, and several others.
Start adding.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Word (Microsoft) - Pinball in Word 97
1. Open a new document
2. Type "Blue"
3. Select word
4. Go to Format -> Font
5. Choose Font Style Bold, Color Blue
6. Type " " (space) after word "Blue"
7. Go to Help -> About
8. Ctrl-Shift-Left click the Word icon/banner
9. Use Z for left flipper, M for right flipper, and ESC to exit
10. Discover what Microsoft means by "Productivity Application"

I remember doing this back a few years ago...it was great when i was doing reports for a class at school and play it when teachers werent around.

edit: also here is a site with a bunch of easter eggs :p

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