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easter egg in MSN??



my gf found this

if you have the newer version of MSN,
hold on shift and press ( some new icons come up.... is this an easter egg?


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No they r the same ones I've always seen when I push the Emoticons button and that is with a leaked version of MSN Messenger 5. If its not Messenger then I've never seen them in MSN Explorer
The emoticons popping up like that can be done in Messenger 4.6.x
You just have to download Messenger Plus and install it. You can do a search to find it.


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Those that u listed are the default emoticons from MS and as far as popping up they can do it with out the messenger plus program.
no... i hadn't installed plus since my last reinstall of winxp so i tried it b4 i posted... and nothing popped up when i typed ( but it did after i installed plus... (which is not made by microsoft)... so ya... i think you do need plus for that to work in 4.6.x... i use 4.6.0082


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Ok ur right u need plus for the emoticons to pop up when u type shift and ( I thought that it did it with out but it turns out it doesn't I never paid much attention to that so I thought it did with out but I killed the plus from runnin and relaunched 4.7 and ur right I did that and nothing pop up. So I guess u need it if u want the pop ups

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