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easier way to prgm in java?


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a friend has java programming in his university classes and he's having some trouble with it. i dont have much experience on this, but im willing to learn as well. problem is that i find it a bit of a pain to have to use notepad first to do the coding, then use the javac command to compile and finally the java command to run the little app.

is there a friendlier program i can use (kinda like VB style, or C++ style) which will let me see the code at the same time, and simulate the program, etc etc?

thx a lot!


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You need an IDE. I've been using Java for a couple years now and my IDE of choice is Netbeans. It's a free download with the SDK. There are many other IDEs out there, but for what you are looking for, Netbeans will work really well.
JCreator Lite is one of the better Java IDEs I have used. Its mainly better cause its written in C++ and not Java so it doesnt look ****e and its also not slower than sin

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