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EA to embed Ad's in games


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EA is also working with ESPN to support real-time sports scores that will scroll across the bottom of the screen like you see on ESPN and ESPN2 currently :)


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aprx its not about embedding, they've been doing that for ages, what they are doing new is making the ads dynamic, so that the ads you see in game will now be updated. so the next time you start nfs for instance instead of that coca cola billboard, it could be a cheetos billboard. This only applies to the PC and xbox new games.


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I realize that some degree of advertising has been in not only EA titles but others for a while now. Its just that now it appears they are making it more obvious and perhaps even part of the game, and thats what makes me mad. Here is a quote that someone posted on a seperate site.

Starting with Need for Speed: Carbon and then moving on to Battlefield 2142, EA Games will begin embedding dynamic contextual in-game advertising. These ads will appear in various places throughout the virtual world, and according to EA will actually 'enhance' game play. While I don't want to turn this news item into a rant, it must be said that I'm rather fed up with EA Games and their cookie-cutter formulaic commoditization of gaming. If these games are to carry prominent in-game advertising, then I would expect that they retail for less than normal price - which does not appear to be the case. I also expect innovation and reliability to be the major focus of a games company, not just the generation of new revenue streams. EA would do well to examine their rusty model of rushing out essentially the same bug-ridden games every year with slight changes and charging premium prices for them. Remember that as a consumer it's up to you whether you want to reward this business model or not.
I dont think It could be put any better than that. Am I the only one that feels this way?


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i actually don't care, for instance if its a fairly realistic game in game coca cola cans are fun to see.


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i actually don't care, for instance if its a fairly realistic game in game coca cola cans are fun to see.
It really depends on the method in which they incorporate the ads. In some instances I agree with you, but usually only when its a natural and un obtrusive way. Knowing EA they will most likely present the ads in unnatural and obvious ways, basically shove the ads down your throat and make you look at them constantly.
It works this way, they slowly feed it to you and you accept it as natrual.
If you don't like it, don't buy it! Of course no one will listen to me anyway,
I warned people years ago about pay-per-view. I said, "Don't pay and it
will go away." Even after NBC's fiasco trying to charge for the Olympics
it is here to stay because people pay for it! What's next?

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