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EA Store


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Does the EA Store for everything take for ever to update? As in a game that should be released on the 4th, ain't around for a couple days? Had this issue with a couple games, annoying.

Download Speeds are good though.

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I bought the C&C addon pack and they failed to let me onto the Red Alert beta, not that I was too bothered, but it just seems to be poorly managed.

You would think it would also be able to keep the applications - such as Crysis - up to date for you :s

You can't even seem to launch the games directly without first running the application or you will be prompted to insert the CD.


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Yea had many issues before. And yea updating the programs would be nice.

So I brought this up because of previous times and because I just bought Mercenaries 2 and Spore with it.

Turns out EA must be getting better, Merc2 is suppose to release today at 1PM my time and it turns out it actually did, installing now.


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I just use Steam for everything now. All the other online stores are archaic by comparison :(


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You should know I feel the same way, but when Steam does not have a game I want, there is no choice, I am lazy to go to the store lol


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Of course I had to say it was going well.

4.9GB out of 5.4GB, stuck without connection for about 30minutes now, ARGGg!


Getting pissed, its been like 4 hours now or so, still cant get anything and there website help is useless ****.

*Edit edit

So I gave up and hit the clear temp files, to start again, and its downloading at full speed like it was earlier today, how much u wanna bet it stops at the last little bit again? What is going on?
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So I finally got Mercenaries 2 downloaded and installed.

Since it was not going anywhere, not connected I decided to click the clear button and restart as I stated. For what ever reason it completed this time, it actually slowed down speeds at the end like last time but this time finished.

Slow install, not insanely slow but could of been better. Load into the game and the first thing I notice is console port, better then some but still a port, I knew that already so I ignored it. Get into the settings, resolution can only go to wide 1280x whatever it is, so that is a let down (many people complaining). So I play the game at max settings at that resolution. The game overall graphics looks like ****, but from what I hear its only because of the resolution, explosions and stuff like that look really nice, well done.

But untill they update it with a fix for the graphics, its quite the let down. Overall its a fun game of course, but I want to see it in full high end graphics.


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lol EA has never fully supported widescreen in the games I bought from them, so I stopped buying from them :)


lol EA has never fully supported widescreen in the games I bought from them, so I stopped buying from them :)
Same here unfortunately.

I've bought a few in the past, never had any issues downloading them. I stopped this process though since I prefer to go and buy locally now.


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Wish I knew they had widescreen issues with games. Frankly, I never heard that from people who play there games before. Overall I am not that unhappy, its still a good game and the download issue was only for this game. They are usually good, but Steam is still #1.

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