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E-Mail Sticking In OutBox


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This is a post on behalve of a friend

He is using Outlook Express 6 with Windows XP and has Norton Anti Virus.

He has 5 E-mails stuck in his OutBox which sends each time he checks his mail, But they stay in his Outbox and don't go to his Sent folder, when closing Outlook Express it says you have 5 E-mails to be sent.
He's tried deleting them but they won't and he's tried moving them to Draft folder, They don't move but just copy to the draft folder.
He also tried disabling his Norton Anti Virus but its still the same.

Any advice greatly appreciated !! ;)


OSNN One Post Wonder
Yeah they are actually sending - I'm getting them - ha ha But they are sticking in his Outbox and not going to his Sent Items


Sick of it all.
I dealt with that a while ago, never actully figured it out, I ended up uninstalling/reinstalling OE...but, one way to stop the e-mails from sending automatically till someone else here has a real way to fix it is to go to :
options>general tab, and uncheck "send and recieve messages at startup". At least the same 5 people shouldn't get the same 5 emails in the meantime.
good luck, wish I could help more.


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That seems pretty dam annoying, hope there is a fix to remove them, my dad keeps getting viruses like this all the while however norton does pick most of them up you tried running a full virus scan with up to date definitions might not do anything but worth a try.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Problem solved - got this from another Forum - Hope its some use to others in the future !! ;)
As long as you don't mind losing the emails, just delete the Outbox file, which is Outbox.dbx


Close Outlook Express.
Click on Start - Search for files or folders
Put Outbox.dbx in the Search box
Select C drive to 'Look In'
When it finds the file in your c: \documents and settings area, just delete it

Close search and restart Outlook Express when a clean and empty Outbox will be created.

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