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E-Mail problem


Birmingham UK
A friend at work has this problem.
He can download his e-mails but when he clicks on them they will not open in OE.
From what I can gather he is using XP Home.
Also he says the provider of his e-mails is paradise.net, although his e-mail & internet is provided by ntlworld.com can anyone make any sense of this


Who is this friend? Or should I ask if it is you?

Maybe he has or whoever he is has not set the right PO in settings in outlook express. Maybe Outlook express is not allowing them to be opened correctly as in options you have not allowed them to open in html or rich text.

Bit like opening word documents in word pad, if they're formatted a certain way,
you get crazy little oblongs and funny characters.

Take a screen shot of an e-mail you have opened so we can examine the text or lack of it!


What you should do is get the PO settings for the servers that hold the mail first ;)

POP, IMAP, HTTP to name 3


Birmingham UK
Thanks for that i will do him some screenshots of the settings he needs and give them too him tomorrow so at least he can check his pop3 & smtp settings and take it from there.


Birmingham UK
Lee this morning he brought me a network diagnostics printout which i told him to do and the first thing I saw was no pop 3 address, so i think that may have been the problem.




If the guy (your friend) is a tech/geek computer something or whatever employee, should he not know basic computer knowledge?

If he was one of my employees he would be getting a one-way-ticket to the job centre!

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