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e-mail on start menu



does anyone know how to set the properties on the e-mail on the start menu. it opens the default e-mail program. i would like to set the icon and the properties to open full screen, but when i right-click on it and select properties, it brings up the IE properties. any suggestions???


Right-click on your startmenu...anywhere...

Then Properties -> Start Menu -> Customize

Here, set your program in Email, under Show on Start Menu.



I'm sorry Hal...
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OK, so i'll just read the question wrong then :)

If your using outlook or some such it should remember the window size of the last time it was opened. so open it full screen then close it. it should then open full screen next time

mybe somesort of reg hack to change the icon

If you want ot change the program then do what existenz says


it's weird. my company uses GroupWise (i know, i know but it's not my choice) and it does open it, but the icon is like it's an unknown program. also, when i open it off the start menu, it opens minimized to the task bar. when i pull it up it is a small window centered on the screen. i maximize it and close it, then re-open it and it does the exact same thing.

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