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I may actually be insane.
Are you subscribed to this thread though? I'm thinking that either after the vB update you're not automatically being subscribed to threads.. oooooor the update has blatantly screwed everything.

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i don´t care to look at this atm, hehe, I´ll check it out when I get back... or perhaps you could check out the vbulletin forums and see if it is a known glitch _ arg, they have no question marks in spain...
it's a bug, i saw a few threads relating to it, with no real answer to the problem. one fix was a duff return email. but ntfs is set to ep's account, and i know that works.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Not getting emails, I hence not subscribing to threads, if reply is via quick reply box,

tres annoying


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still not working, damn i remember the lack of traffic the last time this was happning. no one coming back as they didnt realise someone was replying to there problems. im even clicking subscribe after sometimes and its still not working. i reset the default options to send email but still nuffin :(