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E-mail notification

Currently I have three mail accounts for which I can pop into. Yet my mobile device will not auto recieve these e-mails. As a result I want to have a notification sent my way via SMS to tell me which account has recieved an email. I have played around with rules in outlook yet I have not found a way to have another message be generated at the time the first one is recieved to notify me that the message has arrived. I can forward but this will not work for longer messages. I know Novell GroupWise will allow rule generate messages other than forwards to be used, but at the same time our filter at work prevent these messages from sending. Any help would be great
So it sounds like 1 of the three accounts is at work? Forget about auto notification on that account. The company put restrictions in to minimize mail traffic, protect company proprietary information and to keep employees from screwing off when they should be working. Successful attempts, or any attempt, to circumvent the company IT restrictions is grounds for immediate termination of employment. They have no sense of humor about this so don't even try.

If the other 2 accounts are personal just use forwarding or the Rules in outlook.
First off I work in the Information Services department of my company. Two, as I stated in my post I know that our spam filters will not allow me to auto generate mail messages. Now this not a result of a ban on this type of mail is that the filter on the server has not been fine tuned to reject other types and allow this through. I want to know if there is a way to generate a new mail message with a recipient and a short "check your mail” message, using something other than GroupWise. Finally I do believe when you forward the message gets sent along with anything additional you may add to the message. This cannot happen because SMS is limited to 160 characters and even less when sent by an e-mail address.

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