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E-mail files???


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Trying to help out a buddy that wants to install a new HDD in his computer. His old one sounds like it has gravel in it. Sometimes the 'puter will boot up just fine. Sometimes it takes two or three tries of turning it off and back on before it will boot. Problem I've run into is that he uses AOL. I don't know a thing about AOL.

Not sure how to word my question.....Outlook express e-mail files are .dbx files. What are AOL e-mail files?
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First off, please watch you say in your posts - it may offend certain members ;)

Secondly, unless they actually save AOL mail to their PC, it should be totally saved on their AOL servers. I would find out if they have, and what version of AOL they are using. Can't recall off the top of my head, but I believe the files are in the C:\Program Files\AOL\organize folder (may be a folder or two deeper)


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You could just image the old drive to the new drive and have the computer running exactly as it did before.
No doubt that imaging the old drive is the best way if you know how. I don't. I did that successfully once with help from El Pescador.

I've since then tried twice, with two different programs (Ghost and something else that I don't remember the name of), just to see if I could do it by myself. Niether time was very successful. I've found it to be easier to just use an external USB harddrive and copy pictures, videos, etc. to the external drive and then move them to the internal drive after installing the O.S.

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