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Dynamode Wireless Routers

Has anyone here, got or ever had experiences with Dynamode Routers? I have been trying to get port forwarding to work correctly so that my external IP will be forwarded onto port 80 of my server, but to no avail.

It is a R-ADSL-C4W-EG model but I still cannot get anywhere with forwarding ports even getting instructions from Dynamode tech Support. :dead:


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I have not, but port forwarding is a pretty basic functionality. Perhaps post a screenshot of the config screen? Are you getting any errors or is it just not working?
I have attached a pic of the config screen. is the Server IP and I wasnt to forward the ports detailed in the rule named "apache" which is port 80.

Once this has been applied you have to visit the system screen and save the details and reboot the router (a pain in itself) but after that it is supposed to work...


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