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Dynamic DSL and Networking


Beware the G-Man
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I have a question for all the Network gurus. I would like to network my XP box and my daughters two 98SE machines. I have DSL through Pacbell (basic). My question is, what would be the best Home Ethernet Cable/DSL Modem Gateway and 4-port Switch to use? I've been thinking about the D-Link DI-704, Netgear FR314, or the Linksys BEFSR41. I know all three have hardware firewalls and I don't need printer share so all three are O.K. I guess. My XP machine has a Kingston KNE110TX 10/100 card and the other two machines have D-Link DFE-530TX+ 10/100 cards. I don't want to use XP's ICS, cause I don't want to play server to them. I'm talking about three rooms in an apartment, one 98 machine is forty feet from my machine. The other is thirty feet away from my machine. I don't want to go wireless because of the cost. The Router would be in my room, that's where the modem is at. Help, sugestions, laughter, anything. Oh yeah, I have a Wirespeed DSL modem (external).


I doubt you gonna find to many people that have done what your talking about. I suggest going to a search engine and typing in networking xbox pc dsl and see what comes up. You may find some one else who has done it.
Does your external modem connect to your pc via a Network card or USB?

If via Network Card...does the modem have multiple ports (like a router/hub)?

If so, you dont need an additional hub, you can use that as your router directly running cable to each PC.

If it does not have additional ports, connect it to (my favorite is netgear) a hub with an uplink port and run wire to each computer and install a NIC in each using your favorite sharing software.

If your modem is USB you will need to be a server for the other machines and fit each of them with a NIC and run wire to a hub while your machine connects to the modem via USB.


If you dont want to run wire....i have tried phoneline networking and its pretty good and no wire to run or hub to buy....only a phoneline NIC for each PC and your done.

good luck!


Beware the G-Man
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So you think the Linksys is the way to go over the D-Link? Well then Sh*t, what the hell I'll go that way. Btw all three boxes have cards, if you look at my original post you'll see. Thanks again to all. And PseudoKiller, have a cup on me. But then, gallons of java is grrrreat! But I've always liked a little coffee with my sugar. One other thing PseudoKiller, are you running it with XP only or with what else?


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I have three XP PCs, a Win2000 Laptop, and a RedHat Linux server all connected through a Linksys router. They are GREAT. I would recomend using a Linksys cause they are easy to use for newbies, but also have some great features for power users.


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