Dxr3 in XP?



Creative have released a statement saying they will release Windows XP Beta Drivers for their Dxr3 Card. I know a few people have managed to make the card work with the Hollywood + Drivers but personally I lost TV Audio.

Here's the official release:

"Windows XP has been out for just over a month now. The DXR3 card was designed and released over 2 years ago.

The DXR3 was designed to support and operate with the Operating Systems as indicated on the box.
When Windows 2000 came out, customers expressed interest in trying the card in that OS, despite that fact that Windows 2000 was not indicated on the box.
As a courtesy to our customers, Creative released a BETA driver that gave those adventurous customers the basic functionality they desired. This situation appears to have come full circle..

Those interested in trying the DXR3 within Windows XP will have the opportunity later this week. At the moment the driver is with our Webmasters, pending posting. It will appear first on the Asian website.

Again, this BETA driver was developed as a courtesy to those customers who rush out and get the newest, most bleeding egde gear, yet still want to use some of their favorite\useful hardware from the past, but the only OSes you will recieve Technical Support with are the ones written on the box.

Hopefully this Forum and its members can help those who do experience issues when using the BETA drivers...."

Well I'm glad I'm one of the "adventurous" customers and not just use what I’m told to use. Maybe Creative will learn that people with a voice will never go quiet.

Mike Tasker
This sounds promising! I'll definatly grab these drivers when they come. I'm running the W2K beta drivers now, with minimal problems, but I suspect these to be even better!
Thanks for posting this Mike!
Dxr3 works with Hollywood+ Drivers

You are better off NOT using Creative drivers. They suck! After a lot of digging through forums, I found some Hollywood+ drivers that work very well. You can then install the application that comes with the Hollywood+ cards. Their software is 200 times better than Creative's. Dont get me wrong, the Dxr3 card is AWESOME. But everything else about the way Creative labs has handled it borders on SHAMEFULL!

You can get the drivers from my site ...


Install the drivers first. If you have a "Multimedia Device" detected in device manager, look at the prorties of it and say you want to update the driver. Then point to your unzipped drivers. If no device was ever found, just run the Add Hardware Wizard and point to these drivers.

Once the drivers are installed, install the application included in the zip file (appl directory). It runs VERY smoothly. Allows you to scroll all over a movie, etc. All the things you SHOULD be able to do with DVD software, but cant with Creatives crummy player.

Hope that helps many.

-Ray Dios Haque

Questions, just email me. Happy to help with this problem.
I followed your link and installed the Hollywood plus drivers. They installed fine, as did the application. Device manager lists the card as working and enabled.

However, when I launch the player app, first it tells me no disk found, then I get a popup saying "eeprom has been tampered, contact your reseller" and the app stops running.

If I try to use the hardware decoder in media player, I can't switch from software decoder to hardware. The option is grayed out.

What gives?

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