DXR3 and XP Problem



Anyone got an error that says device cannot start Code 10 on DXR3 properties? I'm using xp pro with the creative beta drivers, also tried the sigma drivers with no luck at all.. don't know what's the deal.. couldn't be a resource conflict. Anyone have any ideas, help.. Thanks in advance.
Are you running the Hollywood Plus DVD Decoder or a Creative Labs Dxr3 Decoder card? If so look for XP compatible drivers.
Creative DXR3, I tried using the 2000 drivers as well and still doesn't work.. i about tried everything from sigma drivers to creative drivers. Damn creative....
It's definantly a driver issue. Try uninstalling the drivers in device manager, power-down, remove the card, boot back up and let XP do it's house cleaning. Power back down and start with it again. If you don't specifically have XP drivers for it then you may have to wait until they come out.
The DXR3 never really worked good in W2K/XP, no matter which drivers I tried. I finally gave up on it, and use PowerDVD now.

If the computer is 500mhz or higher, I'd try doing that. Dont hold your breath trying to get decent drivers for W2K/XP. Theyve had over 2 years to get that running, and still cant come up with a stable driver/app yet.

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