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DVR & Digital cable


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dvr's are ace :D

i have one with a freeview reciever for here in the uk, record loads of stuff, or jusr pause live tv ;)


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I've heard of them and heard people speak of them, however never seen one live. I'm really excited about it, as Digital cable is also a step up :)

Next is HD, but that will be far off :(


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I think if I ever got cable again I would go that route, or just record it onto the compy.


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What Size tv you have?
I got digital cable on my 56 inch DLP
and i had to get HD, the quality is better with Digital Cable but i needed to get HD, the quality is amazing with HD!

You'l enjoy it :)


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HD rocks..

Right now, I don't have cable or dish - pulling OTA reception. I only wish I could record in HD but don't want to build my own PVR because at some point I'll probably finalyl give in and get cable/dish/direcTV/etc and would probably pull their version of the DVR.. and tiVo doesn't have an HD capable recorder yet (unless you go through DTV).


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I had DVR with dish network for a while now. I love it - It's a shame the cable companies charge twice as much for it as dish though. Oh well, with them losing so many customers to satellite I can see why they keep raising there prices ..
If we didn't have a DVR at home, I probably wouldn't get a chance to watch any TV shows since everything I watch airs during the week when I'm on campus. It's a huge boon. :D


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Slingbox Nets, That way you can watch the stuff you want on your computer. Although, having a DVR spoils you, you will never go back to regualr tv after having one.


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See - I have stopped watching TV to a point since I started at ESPN. Working from 6p-3a is kind of a buzzkill, because I forget to tape stuff all the time. I can go weeks ahead of time, recored an entire series, life is good :cool:


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It is indeed.

Worst part about it now is I hardly get to spend time with the woman I adore and love - but - we are working through it pretty good. I wake up early when she goes to work in the morning, we have breakfast together and sometimes I go back to bed. I schedule all my stuff (freelancing, appointments and such) around days when she works, so our days off I try to keep clear - which is 2 days a week.

It's not great, but we are BOTH putting in the effort, so that helps.

This is my dream, and a great opportunity. Have to pay my dues on that shift first, and it's the busiest since all the primetime TV airs at that time.


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Two of the 3 people I work with at night have kids, they say they like it because their "other" works days - saves them a TON on child care costs since one of them is always there for the youngin's ;)


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kcnychief said:
Two of the 3 people I work with at night have kids, they say they like it because their "other" works days - saves them a TON on child care costs since one of them is always there for the youngin's ;)
It does save a ton on child care, but, what it also does it make it where the one working can't see them that much. Take me for example; I work second shift. My daughter goes to school, when she is walking in the door I am leaving for work.


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Happens alot, and when you get home she's already in bed.

I hope to be on first shift by the time kids pop out :s

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