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DVI Problem (Still)



Good People,

I just bought a ViewSonic VX900 LCD display, and I want to use the DVI
connection. It works fine with the DB15 (regular VGA connection) but I can't
enable the DVI connection. In the device selection tab of the Nvidia properties tab, the Digital Output and TV Output are greyed out. Also if I connect the DVI
only and my system starts up I see the boot logo, the WIN XP Pro splash screen and when it gets to the point where the blue Welcome screen is supposed to be come up I get a No Sync message and the display is black.
So it seems to me that this is a WIN XP Pro issue. I have the latest Det. Drivers (40.41) and the latest ViewSonic VX900 inf. file for XP.
Anybody has any ideas?

Is there an auto config button on the monitor? Maybe you will need to press that, and it might work. I have an Samsung Syncmaster 170T, and windows wouldn't recongize that it was there, and when it did, It said that it was analog connection. I reinstalled Windows and everything went fine. You could try that, also, make sure that your DVI cable isn't screwed, I mean defective....


The only thing I have on this monitor that would come close to
a auto configuration button is something called auto image adjust.
And that doesn't do anything, I will try your second suggestion and do a clean reinstall of WIN XP and see if this cures the problem. As for a bad DVI cable, I think if the cable is bad then I would not be able to see the boot up screen and the WIN XP splash screen in digital mode.
Auto Image Adjust, is what I was talking about when I said auto config :) If you reinstall, and, it still does not work... Hey...! What kind of graphics card do you have? Since you said that you had a TV out and Nview, I'm assumning that it is one of the newer NVIDIA models, but, do you know who is it made by, I mean like MSI, etc. Honestly, if you do a clean install, and it still does not work, I would assume that there is either something wrong with the graphics card, the monitor, or the cable. The next suggestion is really stupid, but if the cable firmly put in? Stuff happens...um... I hope stuff works out for you. Does anyone else have any suggestions?



Thanks so much for your suggestions, I have a VisionTek card
( they went bankrupt, naturally my luck) so forget about the famous lifetime warranty. You're right it could be the DVI cable or the card. But somebody also suggested to update the BIOS of the vidcard, so I might try that before I uninstall XP and get another card.

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