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I have and AOC 19" TFT (think it's the 910 model) and Radeon 9700 pro card. I have plugged in BOTH the VGA and the DVI leads because I used to have issues where the monitor could not display BIOS/POST screens (although that may have been when I ran with FX5200 card).

Anyway, there is a monitor menu item that should select DVI input, but whenever I select it it reverts to analog and does not "hold" the selection. I tried unplugging the VGA lead but then I get no signal at all :eek:

Does anyone else get issues like this? And how much difference is there with a TFT from VGA to DVI? Or could it be a graphics driver issue (I am on the 4.8 catalyst set I think, but going to 4.9 as soon as the download will work).

Any help appreciated... I'll probably try emailing AOC support if I can't get it sorted from the forum.


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There is enough of an improvement between VGA and DVI on Samsung TFTs to warrant changing... would say 5-10%.
The change seems automatic... not menu driven.
Maybe yours is a software/ driver issue.
Also use AOC but only on a standard 15" VGA monitor.
I'd use only the DVI connector. There's a chance you'll confuse the screen otherwise. ;) If you boot up with only the DVI the card should pick it up and use it.

But then again there's no guarantee. I tried my screen on a friend's computer and couldn't get the DVI to work in Windows however much I tried. Pre-Windows worked perfectly though...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Thanks Zedric, that was my last resort to try because I'm worried it will mean I cannot see the POST and BIOS screens again. Do you agree on the fact it IS an improvement worth having? I'm taking tweakfiends advice as sound anyway... and since I have 19" am pursuing.

Have just swapped third email with their tech support - but so far we are still just identifying model! Given him serial number this time, so hoping to hear something useful next and will post up here ....

(Oh and BTW it is actually an LM919 :oops: )
Well, if you screen has a DVI connector you really should use DVI if you can. I noticed that some flickering that occurs in some colour patterns disappear if you use DVI (since the pixel alignment is exact) and that any shadowing (signal bounce issue) is eliminated. So yes, DVI is worth having, especially if you paid for it when you bought the screen!

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