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DVI - HDMI no audio.


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Hiya fellas ,

I recently built a media server for my living room and ran into a bit of trouble with the audio. After much research I have found out that the DVI-toHDMI wont support sound .

The setup

Gigabyte - GA-G31M-S2L --- using on board audio
XFX - Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT for DVI-to-HDMI output

okay so i connect the video and its working amazingly , i connect the audio to my TV ( 42LG5D ) in a RGB/DVI audio in port and no audio, funny thing is when I disconnect my DVI-HDMI connection the audio starts working and when i plug it back in the audio stops which leads me to believe that HDMI is trying to use the sound from my video card but the video card doesnt have a audio output.

Any suggestions?

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Not good. If the video card does not support audio over the HDMI link and the TV only looks at the HDMI audio when HDMI is active you are out of luck. You will have to use a lower quality video link IF the video card supports one.

Plan B would be to use a set of amplified speakers or tie the Auddio output from the PC into your home sound system.

Electronic Punk

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Could well be a TV setting. I know my TV has the option to select HDMI audio if it is available so you might want to look at settings there.

As far as no audio over DVI - I got my ATI cards doing just that today so now the HDMI from my PC now supplies audio and video. Groovy.


w3lc0m3 t0 7h3 r3al w0r1d
Electronic which ATI card did you get ? That was actually my original plan but I had a extra 8600 i figured I'd use :-/ .. ,ooks like i have to buy the HDMI capable one .

P.S I hope that ATI card is PCI-e

@ LeeJend .. See the problem is when I plug in my headphones with the DVI-HDMI I can hear sound
When I plugin the RCA cable from PC to TV I cant hear a thing but if I disconnect the HDMI the sound comesback on

@ElectronicPunk I checked my TV even called LG customer support ... after much reading the Manual ( http://us.lge.com/download/product/file/1000002392/42LB5D.pdf ) I did the exact samething they stated still no sound.

Heres the spec of TV if you wana take a look ( http://us.lge.com/download/product/file/1000002392/h_42lb5d.pdf )


Electronic Punk

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I would guess - although haven't used the pinouts that ati have something custom in there.

The adapter came in the box anyway and I just used an existing HDMI cable.

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