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Ok, I am bored and wanna be, erm, unbored, so...there are a few DVDs that you must own:

Fight Club (Region One)
The Matrix + The Matrix Revisted (Region One)
Natural Born Killers Directors Uncut (Region One)
Gladiator (Region One)
Terminator (Region Two)
Terminator 2 (Region One - tho two has a nicer metal case)
The Professional: Leon International Edition (Region One)

You gotta own all the cult classics too tho Most of the above are 2 dvd specials
and show wicked deleted scenes, I have hundreds of DVDs as I have a special deal
with Amazon :p

The directors cut of Natural Born Killers is just evil, not suprised that they cut it! Leon
Int. ed. has 30 mins more, with some f**k ed up stuff!

Just finished watching Swordfish and am gonna slap on Final Fantasy or something

DVDs often have hidden features on em so check http://www.dvdreview.com which
has a list of em.

In general Region 2 DVDs are nicer looking because they are slightly larger, but cos
they are larger they sometimes have less extra features - compared to region one.
There are also a few superbit DVDs which increase the quality even more but
remove the extra features - better if you aren't a features person


i dont think much of fight club :(

but i have the rest , my favourite of all time is the gladiator ... a BIG fat joint a few beers and a nice big screen ...UNREAL !!!

oh and really loud too ..... :)

swordfish is also good ..........

Natural born killers is also great and a worthy DVD to have in the collection , the soundtrack is good too....

Most of my movies are VCD and the quality isnt the best

whats the regions mean ?

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