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DVDs stopped playing

My DVDs used to play fine, that is, ever since I installed the NvDVD trial. I could play them with that, and Windows Media Player. Earlier today I played a DVD with WMP. Then later tonight, I tried again and it just went blank. I checked my NvDVD trial and it was up. I figured that was the problem. I installed Intervideo WinDVD 4 from a CD that came with my video card and uninstalled NvDVD (did that first). I tried playing it with WMP, but I get "Window Media Player cannot play the DVD because of problems on analog copyright protection." I found this which is exactly my problem. Thing is though, when I try to play it in WinDVD, I hear the audio but the screen is blank. I go to "capture" and can see the image of the screen too. I can't find anything about an updated MPEG2 decoder on Intervideo's website either. Bah, what do I do?


I am not very knowledgeable about how DVD's work, but one thing that works for me is System Restore. You could of Installed something that affected the DVD player or a file could of gotten deleted... Just an Idea.
Well, I did a system restore to 9:07 PM tonight, before I had any trouble. I think the NvDVD trial ran out before 9:07 and after I played DVDs earlier today. I tried it without the Intervideo WinDVD and it gave me the same error "analog copyright protection" blah blah. I guess that just means WMP can't access the decoder. So, my NvDVD trial is up, WinDVD isn't compatible. ARGH. Looks like I need another trial.. or a *cough free cough* way to do this... perhaps a free DVD player? Nah.. probably doesn't exist.. but other things do.. *hint hint*

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