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17 Jan 2004
I just picked up an LG DVD Multi Drive (for a wicked good price I might add) and I was wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between all the different DVD formats are (DVD+/-R DVD+/-RW).

Another question I have is why the blanks I bought are 4.7 GB and all my movies (legitamitely obtained) are 7 or more GBs? I'm trying to copy my Lord of the Rings DVDs but my blanks are too small. I legally own them and want to back them up because they are precious to me (I couldn't pass up this delicious pun, sorry).

Any help is appreciated, thanks
Man you're a noob to this. Well DVD + and - are just two different formats, kinda like VHS and beta. - is more compatible with DVD players however + is becoming the standard. + also burns more accurately.
The reason why you can't copy your LotR is because it's a dual layered DVD. You ever watch a movie it "pauses" for a second? That's the laser switching over to the next layer of the DVD. You will have to rip the movie then shrink it down to 4.7GB. This is bull and I don't like doing it, as you lose some quality. A lot of people don't care though, so it's just a personal decision. Dual layered DVD burners will be out in about four months.
Rip the movie using DVD Decryter (freeware)
Remux the movie using DVD2One (shareware)
Burn the movie using Nero (trialware)

Not all movies are dual-layered, the give away is either dual-sided (yuck) or the underside has a golden tinge.

The loss of quality is actually negligable and sometimes if you remove extra features and only keep the movie itself then there is no loss.
I Use dvdshrink freeware have not burned any yet but have saved a few to harddrive compressed for burning later and have watched some of them, looked fine just depend's on the length of the movie. I haven't and any problems with dvdshrink so have not tried any others.

also some nice reading on the new double sided dvd's that will be out 9.4G
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