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17 Jan 2004
I just picked up an LG DVD Multi Drive (for a wicked good price I might add) and I was wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between all the different DVD formats are (DVD+/-R DVD+/-RW).

Another question I have is why the blanks I bought are 4.7 GB and all my movies (legitamitely obtained) are 7 or more GBs? I'm trying to copy my Lord of the Rings DVDs but my blanks are too small. I legally own them and want to back them up because they are precious to me (I couldn't pass up this delicious pun, sorry).

Any help is appreciated, thanks


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17 Jan 2004
Man you're a noob to this. Well DVD + and - are just two different formats, kinda like VHS and beta. - is more compatible with DVD players however + is becoming the standard. + also burns more accurately.
The reason why you can't copy your LotR is because it's a dual layered DVD. You ever watch a movie it "pauses" for a second? That's the laser switching over to the next layer of the DVD. You will have to rip the movie then shrink it down to 4.7GB. This is bull and I don't like doing it, as you lose some quality. A lot of people don't care though, so it's just a personal decision. Dual layered DVD burners will be out in about four months.

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2 Dec 2001
Rip the movie using DVD Decryter (freeware)
Remux the movie using DVD2One (shareware)
Burn the movie using Nero (trialware)

Not all movies are dual-layered, the give away is either dual-sided (yuck) or the underside has a golden tinge.

The loss of quality is actually negligable and sometimes if you remove extra features and only keep the movie itself then there is no loss.

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8 Jan 2004
I Use dvdshrink freeware have not burned any yet but have saved a few to harddrive compressed for burning later and have watched some of them, looked fine just depend's on the length of the movie. I haven't and any problems with dvdshrink so have not tried any others.

also some nice reading on the new double sided dvd's that will be out 9.4G
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