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DVD (software0 Player

Electronic Punk

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They are both very similar always have been.

The latest version of PowerDVD is 5
The latest version of WinDVD is 6

Each version where the numbers match are pretty damn similar.
Really down to personal preference, tho I would be more likely to use PowerDVD, but I am using WinDVD at the moment.

Having said that I just use the filters with Zoom Player anyway ;)


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Electronic Punk said:
Tho, since WinDVD 5.2, Intervideo have included Interactual Player

aka PCFriendly.

aka E V I L :p
Isn't that "Ineractual Player" the thingy that trys to install itself off some DVD's or is that something else? I hate that thing :p Oh and my vote is for PowerDVD .. but I use VideoLan lately as I have lost my PowerDVD cd :(


I like using (drum roll) Media Player Classic V6.4.8.2, just wondering did the puter have a dvd drive when you got it as it maybe o.e.m. and can only be used with that dvd drive. :rolleyes:

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