DVD-ROM Problems


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25 Feb 2004
Ever since I installed XP on my system my DVD-ROM does not show up as a drive. I even installed XP from it.

Any suggestions on how to get XP to reconize the drive?
It doesn't show up at all, or is it showing up as a CDrom? Try this, put a CD in the drive and leave it in while you reboot. I had a problem with all three of my drives in the beginning but if i left CD's in the drive XP would pick them up.

Possible fixes:
Get your newest motherboard bios flashed in.
Get your newest DVD firmware flash.
Get the newest 4in1's installed.
(maybe) mini-port drivers can help.
Install an ASPI-layer.

That's a start.
did you do any of the possible fixes i listed earlier? If not, give those a try. If you have, list some system specs for us - m/b, type of drive, how it's set up on the IDE channel (master or slave and to what).
Yes I tried all of your suggestions and thank you for helping.

I tried booting in safemode and it sees the device in safemode, anyone know why it would not in normal mode?
You've installed Nero! lol. Get the newest version, it should fix your problem.
I have the current version of nero already...yes I checked. I did try to uninstall it and reinstall it, still no go. Any more ideas? Very much appricated.
It's my guess that it's Nero causing the problem. There's some registry cleaning you need to do to undo the damage. Use the search function above right, and type in "Nero." A lot of folks have experienced what you're going through and the fix is here so give the search a go and see what you can find.

I thought the newest version of Nero fixed it's earlier problems. Let me know how you get on with the registry thing. If it's not that then i'm not sure what it could be, but i'll definantly try to help.
I just did a fresh install of WinXP and once again used the DVD Rom to install it. The DVD Rom is still not showing up as a drive.

Maybe it might be the native CD writing support that WinXP comes with? Anyways to remove this support?
Is your bios up-to-date? Are there any firmware updates available for the DVDrom drive? Check the DVD's manufacturer's site and see if there are any known issues with XP.

Do you have the VIA chipset, if so, do you have the newest 4in1's installed? Also, if you have the via chipset, have you tried the mini-port drivers?

If you don't have the via chipset, check your motherboard's site and see if there are any other IDE driver updates available.

Have you tried other master/slave configurations? Like placing it on it's own IDE channel, etc?

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