dvd rom drive progressively dying...

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ryan3dfan, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. ryan3dfan

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    i have two cd drives in my pc, D: is the dvd and F: is my CDRW drive. seems over time the performance of my dvd drive has diminished because whenever i put a cd, any format. it takes forever to read or doesn't read at all. what's wrong?
  2. Un4gIvEn1

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    Your drive is just getting lazy... just imagine how bored you would be if you had to do the same thing, day in and day out...

  3. LeeJend

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    1). Your dvd's and cd's could be getting dirty or scratched. They need to be cleaned (softcloth, lens cleaner, like tv screen or eyeglasses). Scratch removal is tricky and I won't advise you on it.

    2). Drive could need a cleaning. If the laser/sensor gets dirty it will have trouble reading the media. I've seen cleaner kits around somewhere...

    3). You may have messed up your system files or settings. Good luck fixing this! Find someone who really knows what they are doing to help.

    4). It could be your imagination. The longer you use that hot new machine the slower it seems. It's human nature to always want more.
  4. ryan3dfan

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    ok im pretty sure its not the lens nor dirty dvd's. its reading regular cd's just not DVD's. sounds like a software issue, unfortunately i cant find any new drivers for it on my pc's support site. its a generic 16x dvd drive that came pre installed in my pc. any suggestions as to where i could go to find software?
  5. ryan3dfan

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    anyone? ive tried reinstalling it and everything but to no avail. ive tried all my dvd's and it just won't read them. it reads normal cd's fine though. this is frustrating me.
  6. EXIL377

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    give it a clean on the inside wit one of those cd head cleaners (i think thats what you call it)
  7. iowaboy

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    if it reads regular cd's ok then have you tried to reinstall your dvd program like windvd or powerdvd?
  8. dreamliner77

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    DVD drives use two different lasers. One for cd's, cdr's and cdrw's and one for DVD.

    Could be that the DVD laser is dying. Could just be dirty. How about telling use what drive you have (can be found in BIOS or in Device Manager)
  9. Krux

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    is it the pioneer 106s slot feed DVD-Rom?
  10. Nick M

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    Clean the drive lens, make sure all your CDs are fine, and if you're really lazy, toss it as hard and as far as you can, then go and get a new one :p