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DVD-ROM and playing problems.


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Hey, just got some dvd's from the library and Midnight Cowboy wont play.

Tried using WinMedia player and Realone.

The error is this:

Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because a problem occurred with digital copyright protection.

Any ideas?

I'm trying to avoid installing a dvd player because WinMedia plays just about all.



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From Microsoft's Knowledge Base:
When you attempt to play a digital video disc (DVD) by using Windows Media Player on a system that has a MediaMatics decoder installed, the DVD may not play. You may receive one of the following error messages:
"Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a problem occurred with digital copyright protection."

This behavior is known to occur if you install a MediaMatics decoder and then try to play back a DVD in Windows Media Player before you use the MediaMatics player to play a file.

To resolve this behavior, use the MediaMatics player to play a DVD before you use Windows Media Player: Open the MediaMatics DVD player and follow the first-launch prompts to set the region. After the region is set, DVDs can be played in Windows Media Player.


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I kind of figured you hadn't since you mentioned not wanting to install any other type of player. What I posted is the only solution that Microsoft had for that specific error message. I tried a Google for the exact phrase as well, and the only result was that same solution.


Old School XPeriencer
On a related note, I installed windvd2000 version 2.1

As soon as I open the dvd player with the dvd in the rom, windvd just closes itself out.

And their upgrades page is all about the $$$.

Guess I'll try KingLear with James Earl Jones.


Old School XPeriencer
Well...tried the other DVD and got the same errors.

Got this one from RealPlayer:

The DVD cannot be played. Key exchange for DVD copy protection failed.

Guess this'll give me something to do on Thursday.

Thanks for looking Muzikool.


This problem was introduced by NVIDIA, there drivers have been causing this since the 41's and since jumping to ATI i havent had this Happen again.

I know its to do with the TV-out chips on Nvidia cards, mainly because there ****e and have no proper driver support.:eek:

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