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DVD region-free: Fools RPC-2 (hardware-locked) drives

So basically you can play DVD movies from any region with this software running.

This shareware fools both the drive's firmware and the DVD player software. It's not final yet so don't be surprised if there's a bug or two, just report them.

Very cool proggy! Unfortunately the link provided with the program seems to link to DVD-idle :/ but try it anyway since the file is about 4KB over the attachment size limit even if I compress it further.

That's a good page. Shame they didn't release RPC-1 firmware for my combo drive tho, then I wouldn't need the software in the first place :/


Thanks for the tip. That was funky =)

i was actually trying to see if there was a Region Free Player but i didn't stop to think that it was a Drive variable =P

Thanks =)
It can actually be both. DVD player software usually tries to restrict what region you use - so you could have an all-region drive, but still be restricted by the software. BUT software is easier to get around than hardware - there's fixes for almost every player program out there to make them region-free :D

Since software's easy to get around, the only real restriction comes with RPC-2 (region-locked) DVD drives. You can often convert them to RPC-1 by installing new firmware, but that's not always available. Hence my posting of this excellent proggy that fools both the hardware AND the software in one blow ^_^

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