DVD-r program ??????


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ive got a plextor 712a burner adn im having a hard time putting an avi on a dvd-r to play in my dvd player on my tv. im using roxio software that came with the device. what do i need to do to get these files to play on my dvd player?

thanks IDLE


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It wasn't made clear in your post, so I wanted to make sure you know that AVI files will not play from a disc on a standalone DVD player. The file must be converted to the correct format before you burn it onto a DVD-R. The link below is an excellent resource for accomplishing this. There is free software and guides to help you.



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unless you have a dvd player that plays straight divx or xvid or anything else that encodes to avi you won't be playing it on a dvd player unless you convert it to mpeg 2

what I use is nero vision express with the right plug ins and I start the program up and it converts and burns it for me.

I used to use tmpgenc but gave up on that cause it took 4 ever...but it's free and easy to use.

so you have options and the websites the others have posted are very helpful as well


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great guys thanks for the info...i did use tmpgenc and it take forever. like 3 hours. but i was able to put it on DVD and what not but my dvd player cannot read dvd-r in any way. the player is really old....so i convinced the wife to update and get a new one.


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And the good news is that even the cheapest ones will handle most formats even +R, +RW.

DON'T let the wife see this part!
If you burned at faster than 1x it may be a burn speed issue and not a -R issue. Most players will handle -R. My players don't like anything over a 2x burn speed.

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