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DVD player crappin out again


NTFS Stoner
I had this problem on my last pc, whenever i close the DVD with or without disk it craps out my pc for up to 10 seconds, then all is ok. I know this is somthing to do with IDE drivers, and i have just upgraded to the epox 8k3a+ board, I also installed the XP ATA 133 drivers as i got a maxtor ata133 40 gig strapped in. I run HDD & CDRW with no problems off IDE 1 and my cd rom and DVD from IDE 2. I just swopped the 40 cable for a 80 cable with just the DVD on and still get the same. I dont want to drop back to default IDE drivers and lose my ATA133, any ideas ?

XP 1800 (not overclocked)
2 x 256 PC 2100 RAM
Epox 8K3A+

I Installed the latest VIA 4 IN 1 Drivers as well.


NTFS Stoner
no. it's like this. I can install the via 4.38 drivers with no problems at all. but i need to install the via ide busmaster 3.01.4 for xp if i want the ata133 with XP. there is a 133 install with the 4 in 1 but it doesnt enable ata133. soon as i install the ata133 driver mr DVD craps out on me :( cant find refrence to it on via or epox site :( dunno if theres an update and i aint sure were to look :(


NTFS Stoner
meh i hate beta stuff, but yeh im gunna give it a try in a bit.. will let you know..

btw, setting the dvd to PIO mode 4 didnt work.


NTFS Stoner
well the beta 4.39 drivers aint 2 clever, PC takin twice as long to boot up with them, its deffo the udma 133 drivers causing this.. now im lost, back to udma 100 with no ide 2 crap out or 133 with crap out :(


NTFS Stoner
could this be the fact my cd rom and dvd only support up to multiword dma and not ultra dma ? is it only cd rw's that support ultra dma ? as my cd rw runs ultra dma 2. they did come from a shop thats renound for selling crap, any answers anyone ?


NTFS Stoner
crap. im reading my stockists spec sheets on new dvd's and cd rom's, they all support udma mode 2, mine dont, suspose i just answerd this thread myself aint i. or is it them damn 40 ribbon cables :| (edit, i got the cdrw running slave on IDE 2 in udma 2, so it aint the cables :()

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