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DVD Movie Question...



I was wondering if because of XP, I can play DVD Movie Titles. some I can, like SpaceBalls, MuDvAyNe (DIG), and Office Space. But some like Oh Brother Where Art Though, and other new titles dont play. They aren't recongized on my DVD ROM drive. Also, sometimes I go into system->Device Manager, to check my DVD drive properties, the Region Code changes from REGION 1 to NOT SLECTED. And it always gives me back a selection change. I will change it to Region 1, and then restart, and in a week or so, It will change back to NOT SELECTED, and give me a chance to change it. Has anyone has this kinda of problem? My DVD ROM drive is a drive ripped from a COMPAQ Presario, its an 8x speed drive. Thank you for your help.
That's wierd. You might tried finding a firmware update for the drive. It sounds like something is dying in it and you'll get a chance to buy that new one you've had an eye on.


I think I know the problem....

Is it possible that some DVD-Rom Drives cannot read Dual Layer DVD discs? Because Oh Brother Where Art though, is a dual layer disc, and all the other movies aren't. Oh by the way, I have a COMPAQ SD-608 (samsung OEM).

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