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Ska Daddy
2 Dec 2001
Can anyone tell me what a good set up for my DVD would be, I have to have a stand RCA output on the video card though, I don't have a S-Video TV yet :( but I want to rig up my PC for going through my home theatre with the DVD.

Any suggestions on drive, Sound card, video card, and decoder card deally?
With your rig being on a pentium 3, i'd recommend getting a dedicated DVD decoder such as the Hollywood+ decoder as it is great and so far works perfect for most people I know in XP...I know some might say a pentium 3 is good enough to decode, but i've seen that with a dedicated decoder card quality is improved and there are less possible issues.

As for sound card if you are looking to plug into a home theater it all depends on what kind of home stereo equipment you have. I'd recommend a hercules game theater or an audigy or live with the breakout box that has optical connections on it. if you have a home stereo that will accept optical in, it will be great but beforewarned optical cables cost mucho bucks.

hope this gives you a rough idea where to start :)

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