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Dvd Drive Problem


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Ok just a quick question would a bad Dvd drive make a pc go unbelivibly slow were the mouse lags and the programs in the background almost come to a stop. I ask because today when going to install Hitman Bloodmoney off the PC Gamer demo disk it turned my pc into the slowest thing you have ever seen. It did this a bit back but after re-instaliing windows it worked fine untill today.


OSNN Addict
Did everything turn back to normal when you ejected the disc?

Sometimes if a disc is a bit scratched/hard to read windows can go a bit crazy attempting to read it, which uses up a lot of resources for some reason. Once you eject the disc everything goes back to normal however.

So if not, then I'd say it's a different issue, but I may be wrong. Give it time for others to reply. People are in all sorts of different time zones here.

EDIT: Also, when your computer slows down, hit ctrl+alt+del and have a look under the processes tab to see what's using up all your cpu.


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Yh as soon as i eject the disk every thing goes fine. But I dont think its the disk because it does it with every disk i try even new ones. would it have the same effect if the Dvd drive is Nackered?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
there is a possibility a dying drive could exibit those symptons. The laser could also be dirty and thus unable to read the disc and causing those problems. You can either try a CD/DVD cleaning kit or buy a new drive (drives are really cheap now a new one would be better, could get a faster one or a burner).


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Yh i was thinking of buying a new drive but i thought i would ask first. I was just wondering if it is the drive how come it fixed after i re-installed windows.


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So your saying because it has come back again its more than likly a hardware problem and i should buy a new Dvd drive?

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