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DVD drive plays CDs but not DVDs...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Has anyone else had this? Any ideas if I should investigate hardware or software? I tried it with both PowerDVD and VLC - neither recognizes a disc in the drive (oh and yes it is meant to be a DVD R/W drive BTW!)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
no - think none is "seen" - varies depending on the disc I put in though I think and of course CDs are fine - sometimes I am unsure which optical format things are (IE install discs may be either I guess, but movies either burnt or bought are failing) shall investigate further though!


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At a long shot it may be worth trying to upgrade the firmware.

Strangely, I had a similar problem but in reverse. My drive repeatedly clicked and made strange noises with any CD it was attempting to read, eventually failing, but was fine with DVDs!

I replaced it soon afterwards :)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
shoot - this drive is, I think, my newest of all my builds! Anyone care to recommend the top line |DVD RW drive for least built in redundancy? IE greatest longevity?
Surprisingly MADDDOG (Compusa house brand). Cheap as dirt, plays/burns anything, quiet. My best Burner ever.

But first go to device mangler and make sure it recognizes the drive by name, not just "generic drive". If it doesn't have the drive ID'd right saying DVD something or other - Remove the drive (power and ide). Reboot. Shut down and reinstall the drive. See if it recognizes it as a DVD Optical drive then.

If you're feeling lazy just select uninstall for the device listed in device mangler and then reboot. Faster but not as complete as the disconect method.
MD-16XDVD9A2 is the model number. 1.F0 firmware loaded, 3F3 is the latest.

Same as NEC 3520, at least there are posts on swapping the firmwares between the two.

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