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Hey guys I have a weird problem w/ my DVD drive. Whenever I press eject the drive opens, but it automatically closes on its own w/out me pushing it back in. I've had this problem ever since I upgraded my comp (new mobo and such) w/ my old setup it wouldn't close untill i told it to. I'm pretty knowledgeable about all aspects of computers and my own computer for that sake, but maybe you guys can help me out. Does it matter if its a slave or primary ide master? Mine is currently set to Secondary Master.
My Primary Ide Master is my Western Digital 80gb HD, and the primary slave is my old 20gb HD.
Also my floppy stopped working when i got the new mobo.
Any input would be appreciated =)
Thx in advance.
I'd start with the cabling on both the DVD and the floppy (also make sure your FDD is enabled/selected in the bios). Double check the jumpers on your DVD... make it a slave... tinker around.


Ok, I have my FDD enabled in bios, and i've tried 4 sets of FDD cables lol. I already know my DVD cable works because my DVD itself works, I'll try you're suggestion of setting it as a slave.
and yeah.. i've done a lot of tinkering around tee hee.. i'm sick of opening up my case now =(.
lol, i can appreciate that. Do you have another floppy you can try?

On the DVD... does it close immediately, or does it give you a large enough 'window' to insert/remove the disks? It may be Windows itself refreshing that's causing it to close... in which case make sure you have all the newest IDE drivers for your board.


hmm the other floppy is on my Dad's comp
he doesn't want me touching it lol
but i dunno its not like floppy drives cost a lot.. i'll probably jsut buy a new one
and as for my DVD, it'll open.. then like half a second later it closes.
So i have to like.. brace myself and hurry up and put the CD in lol.
And i don't think my bios lets me 'set' things as slave or master.
It depends on how i plug in the cables, *sigh* i guess i have to power down and open my case again.
I need a new case.. everything is all jumbled up in there.
the master/slave designation is controlled by special jumpers on the drive(s) it/themselves... make sure you have those set up correctly.


Thx for the info, hmm i guess thats the only thing that could be messing it up. Believe it or not i've never adjusted jumpers on my HD or CD roms.. even when i jsut recently got my new Western DIgital 80giger, hmm guess its no way around opening up my case again .. YAY


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Call your computer technical support and they will replace youir dvd drive with a new one. I was having probs with my cd-rw drive, it wouldn't open, i check the ide and power cables attached it, nothin happen and i called up tech support and they said a technician will come in my house and they'll replace the drive. So it'll probablky work for you too.


Yeah i have the latest via drivers for my mobo.
I also changed the jumper settings and set it to slave, still nothing =(.
I doubt the warranty on the DVD is long enough for me to get it replaced. this dvd came w/ a compaq that i got back in 99, and i think taking it out of the original case voids the warranty too.
Try uninstalling all references to it in Device manager (the cdrom and the ide channel it's attached to)... reboot and let XP pick it back up again.


Lol, i've formatted w/ this exact setup plenty of times. I format often cause i keep all game patches, mp3's etc on a partition, so its really not a hastle for me to format (i don't lose ne thing).
So .. i'm 100% sure formatting will do absolutely nothing =).


I can't believe someone hasn't suggested this already...

Open the case up (Yes again! and Yes it's a pain! I just leave mine open at the moment, I'll shut it up when I know everything is a-ok)

With the power OFF, pull teh ribbon cable from the DVD drive!

Power the system up (It won't find the DVD of course!)
Now hit eject....

Does it stay open???

if so it's most likely somethign is issuing it a command to shut!

I know if you reboot a PC with the drive open it usually automatically shuts itself during POST...

Check all your drivers... Do you have a writer? (I forgot to check)
Perhaps it's that software causing issues... Any other 3rd party software installed to do with the DVD drive?
DVD player software/music playign software/disc utilities of any kind?

That would be my number 1 suspicion!


Could also be that the trigger that closes the drive is faulty,

You know when (well I do it) you put a disc in the tray and instead of pressing the button you just push the tray and it closes.

Have you tried right clicking on the CD icon and selecting Eject to see what happens?

Probably totally useless but I am in the mood for typing to day!!! :D

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